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Welcome to The Way Institute!

The Way Training Institute (WTI) is registered in Al Ain City – UAE and delivers competency based qualifications. Accreditation is approved and maintained in accordance with the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) requirements for approved centers. We are proud of the recent achievement, which is represented by the recognition of The Way Training Institute (NQA) as a certified training provider in the United Arab Emirates.

In recognition of the scientific, professional and social responsibility of our scientific values, we pledge to provide the highest levels of modern training in accordance with the standards and specifications stipulated by the regulations and laws of NQA and SQA. We are also committed to providing educational opportunities that enable UAE youth to continue their career development in various fields.


Meet the needs of customers through:

  • Develop collaborative relationships with customers
  • Provide innovative training subjects and solutions
  • Support learners to ensure excellence of results
  • Provide world class trainers and instructors

Efficiency in Teaching and Learning

  • Ensure students engagement through student focused classes
  • Continuous innovation and creativity in training mythologies and tools
  • Provide current and advanced curriculum to learners
  • Follow up with the learners’ knowledge, skills and application

Build a dynamic and profitable organization

  • Ensure clients receive value for money
  • Involve stakeholders in the decision making process
  • Maintain continuous marketing and communication campaigns
  • Recruit and retain professional workforce

As an accredited center, we offer a variety of programs and are tailored to the competency standards of NQA Commission to meet the requirements and needs of the UAE labor market. The teaching and training process of these programs and other educational services is based on a selection of specialists in training, professional and technical development who have gained considerable practical experience within the country.

WTI is approved to deliver internationally recognized SQA qualifications in Business and Administration as well as Learning and Development Training. These qualifications are designed to equip those working in business and administration the skills and knowledge they need to demonstrate competence in their job role.

We are committed to:

Meet the educational and developmental needs the learners attending the service

Provide quality courses that are developed by subject matter experts

Deliver raining by a team of professional trainers

Ensure that the training outcomes are based on industry best practice.

Ensure the safety, health and wellbeing of the learners being educated and cared for at the service

Meet NQA and SQA’s Quality Assurance Criteria as we deliver and assess vocational qualification(s).

Our Vision

To become one of the leading organizations in the field of training and development operating in the UAE.



Our Values

Meet the educational and developmental needs of the learners attending our services.



Our Focus

Provide quality courses that are developed by subject matter experts and ensure that the training outcome are based on industry best practice.


Our Mission

To contribute to the professional development of the UAE workforce through diverse training solutions.





Doing things differently. Unleashing your imagination to challenge the present to shape the future.



Safety First

We believe safety comes first. We carry out our work and make decisions that ensure the health and safety of our staff and contractors, respect the environment.

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