As the video game industry continues to gain popularity – 68 percent of Americans 

 – the demand for game developers and programmers to create products that entice, intrigue and capture the user experience is increasing significantly.

In fact, game and software development jobs are expected to grow by 28 percent through 2020.

If you’re looking for the latest tips, tricks and techniques – or maybe you’re interested in becoming one of those 28 percent – we’ve highlighted 15 game development blogs to help you. They offer advice on developing your skills, while also providing you with the latest and greatest trends in the industry.

Let’s take a look!

1. Big Fish Games

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What is this blog about? As a leader in downloadable games with a catalog of more than 3,000 PC games and 300 mobile games, this game development and programming blog is something to follow because of their one-of-a-kind games. Additionally, Big Fish Games offers games through a cross-platform streaming cloud-gaming service, Big Fish Unlimited.

One awesome post on this blog: Video Game Obsessed? 3 Ways to Turn You Obsession into a Career

2. Brother Brain


What is this blog about? This New York City-based pixel artist uses graphics from classic video games to create bold, animated GIFs. The animations he creates are sure to spark fond memories from video game classics that you’ll remember and, potentially, gain inspiration for the creation of future games.

One awesome post on this blog: Grow Grow Mario

3. Eurogamer

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What is this blog about? Considered one of the best European blogs, Eurogamer covers everything from the gaming industry including game reviews and what’s important in the video game industry today.

One awesome post on this blog: Wii U to miss out on 15 EA games using Frostbite Engine 3

4. Fire Hose Games

Facebook + @FireHoseGames

What is this blog about? As a small game development studio, Fire Hose Games creates games that encourage social engagement and play. Specifically, this blog talks about Fire Hose’s newest game releases and the realities of being an indie game developer.

One awesome post on this blog: Go Home Dinosaurs Coming to iPad this May!

5. Gaijin Games


What is this blog about? Gaijin Games is about game development and the hottest games on the market today. With developers working behind the scenes as well as authoring blog posts, there is much to learn about the game development industry.

One awesome post on this blog: GDC – A celebration!

6. Gamasutra


What is this blog about? Gamasutra is one of the industry’s most popular blogs because all of the posts are written by game professionals. This blog is a great place to learn about the newest information on gaming and design in addition to new game announcements and social gaming.

One awesome post on this blog: 

7. Gambrinous


What is this blog about? Based in Dublin, Ireland, indie game developer Gambrinous keeps you up to date on the latest in video game development and its favorite free flash games.

One awesome post on this blog: Top Indie Game Development Blogs

8. Gamedevtuts+

Facebook + @gamedevtuts

What is this blog about? Gamedevtuts+ is a blog community for game developers. This blog is full of tutorials, tips and articles about game design, coding and a career in the industry.

One awesome post on this blog: New to Gamedevtuts+? Start Here.

9. GameRadar

Facebook + @GamesRadar

What is this blog about? GamesRadar is all the rage when you want to know the latest updates on video game reviews, previews and news. Additionally, it features PlayStation three (PS3) game reviews, playing tips, guides, walkthroughs and video tutorials.

One awesome post on this blog: Best Gaming and Entertainment Blogs 2013

10. GameRant

Facebook + @GameRant

What is this blog about? As a leader in the video game industry, GameRant is a popular gaming blog that came onto the scene after folks at ScreenRant thought it would be a great idea to start a blog all about video games. Side note: ScreenRant is the top, non-corporate-owned movie news site in America.

One awesome post on this blog: Bioware and DICE to Unviel New Games at E3

11. Joystiq

Facebook + @joystiq

What is this blog about? Joystiq is the brainchild of the popular blog network Weblogs, Inc. This blog is mainly about video game reviews and previews. It also highlights the latest news on the video game industry as it happens.

One awesome post on this blog: World of Warcraft subscribers drop by 1.3 million in three months

12. Kotaku

Facebook + @kotaku

What is this blog about? Kotaku is a video game-focused blog that is part of Gawker Media. It is a hub for all things video game including breaking video game news, reviews, cheats, design and entertainment.

One awesome post on this blog: Whoa: $20 Gets You a Domain Name and Hosting

13. Lost Garden


What is this blog about? Lost Garden is about the art and design behind video games, and every once in a while it gives away actual art resources such as free graphics and prototyping resources for your own games.

One awesome post on this blog: Understanding Randomness in terms of Mastery

14. Make It Big In Games


What is this blog about? Make It Big in Games is all about the business of making and selling video games. “I believe it is incredibly important to only make games that you are passionate about,” stated Jeff Tunnell on his website. Tunnell is the co-founder of Dynamix and several other indie game development studios. This blog offers insider tips on running and owning an indie game development studio.

One awesome post on this blog: Things Spotkin Learned That May Help You In The App Store

15. Penny Arcade

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What is this blog about? Boasting more than 70 million page views per month, the Penny Arcade brand has expanded to TV, merchandise, video game series and management of Child’s Play, a gamer-driven charity for children. The blog platform uses commentary and online comics to stay on top of all the latest game industry trends.

So, now you’ve got 15 new resources at your fingertips to use to see if your interest in video games is a passing fad or a potential career. If you want to learn more take a look at tips from experts in the game and simulation industry, and think about pursuing a degree in game and simulation programming.


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