In-House Training 

The benefits of an in-house training are that current work examples can be used. The in-house training means the courses can be prepared to fix any individual issues using real life examples and therefore have the most effect.  During the in-house training, delegates will be able to work on examples of work which relates to their own roles.

Team building is another benefit from having in-house training. Having a room full of delegates from different departments and levels can encourage team work. You will definitely have a fantastic result as most often, learning is done when ideas are being bounced off each other. In-house training will also likely lead to increased awareness and understanding of each other’s roles as well as staff morale.

Running an in-house training will certainly be a more focused training. Giving courses for a single client can generally allow the training to be a lot more focused on the specific subjects and skills that are relevant to your business.


Workshop Services


The Way Institute successfully delivers a significant number of workshops each year, covering numerous topics such as Logistics and supply chain, Health Safety and Environmental, Management Courses, Technical Courses and Innovation Courses, in addition to many more.

As well as our workshops in the UAE, we have the capacity and experience to deliver high quality workshops for your organization or company on your own premises

All of our workshops can be tailored to fit in with your particular needs. We have experts who can modify the content of all of our workshops programmers to suit the exact context in which you are working and we have a well-established process of discussing clients’ particular needs and delivering a tailored agenda to meet these requirements.

Consultancy Services 

The Way Institute offers a professional consultancy service. Get the help of our experts who are also termed as management analysts as they excel at understanding requirements and needs and dedicate special attention to each of our clients asking for consultancy.

Our consultancy services comprehend efficient valuations, competent assessments and appropriate solutions for any situation. Our professionals work vigorously towards providing you the perfect consultancy, such as recommendations and endorsements, in order for you to improve your employees’ performances and optimize your business where it is needed.

Companies- regardless of their size- have a tendency nowadays to ask for the help of professionals in regard of consultancy service. This is due to the fast pace work and economies maturing all over the world. Therefore, we offer a business consultancy service focused on assessing and evaluating your business gaps, offering you the suitable solution for every situation and delivering you profitable results in various areas.


Public Seminars 


With The Way for Training and Development, you can learn from the latest information and trends in technical and managerial programs by attending our public seminars, and hearing from leading experts.

Our public seminars cover all areas of topics and open debates on a range of issues. We try to keep the programme  topical and interesting and generate well informed and lively discussion between the speaker and public seminars audience. We have broad discussions with high profile speakers as well as exploring more technical issues. We aim to keep the public seminars stimulating enough to engage feedbacks beyond the room.

We are known for the interesting public seminars we hold, where the audience not only learns and acquires knowledge but also enjoy and appreciate the used methods, where refreshments are always available before and after the event where participants enthusiastically continue discussions informally.

Personal Development 

Aims to provide an overview of major work that has been carried out in the area of strategy development in the past and outlines how it will develop in the future. Presents an analysis of the term “strategy”. Focusing on the evolution of different conceptual frameworks over time together with their impact on today′s understanding of strategy formulation and implementation.

Our service examines personal development by exploring a wide variety of ways in which to change, grow, and achieve one’s creative potential.  The focus is on the discovery of self and the authentic search for meaning in one’s own life. The class advances a multi-faceted approach to personal development combining theory, personal experience, and self-reflection.

We explore the factors required for a high-performance work team, the common stages of team development, causes of team dysfunction and the primary types of team organizations establish to achieve specific work goals

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